Engine overhaul

The best solution for your projects thanks to more than 75 years of experience

GBS International acquired MRC Techniek in 2019. MRC Techniek has grown with the repair of engine blocks, crankshafts and connecting rods. Since its founding in 1936, a great deal of knowledge and machinery has been built up to help repair the above parts.


De- en montage van het blok als u zelf de mogelijkheden niet hebt.



Verbussen, vlakken  en verdere machinale bewerkingen aan het blok

Engine blocks

  • Disassembly and assembly of the block if you do not have the options yourself

  • Line drilling

  • Dimensioning analyzes

  • Bushings, planing and further machining on the block


  • Check for dimensions, hardness, cracking, straightness and condition of the crankshaft

  • Reporting + advice in the best solution for you

  • Grinding the crankshaft to the next undersize or return it to the standard size

Connecting rods

  • Check for straightness

  • Adjust bore

  • Verbussen

  • Edit ovality away from the big end

  • GBS can help you small and large with repair

Let Simon advise you

Get in touch with Simon Lems, who has been involved in the creation of the engine overhaul since 1985 and can provide you with helpful advice.