Our team

Meet the GBS people who will do anything to help your project to succeed

Simon Lems

Technical / Commercial Manager

Simon is so technically and practically skilled that he could put on an overall and work in the workshop. He can be fierce with his colleagues when needed, but that keeps everyone on their toes.

+31 6 53 83 59 63

Marlon Verdam

Account Manager

In a company full of techies, Marlon is the odd one out. With his commercial background, Marlon is focused to the bone on customer service. If he has an idea to improve customer focus within the company, he will stick with it until he gets it done.

+31 6 57 66 74 82

Ab Minderhoud

Work planner / Programmer

Ab is known in the workplace as a perfectionist who is always helpful. In communication with Ab you know one thing for sure; you always have a concrete and clear answer after your conversation.

+31 6 30 59 00 68

Clifton Soebarman

Work planner / Programmer

'A day without laughter is a day wasted.' That is Clifton's motto. In addition to his technical projects, Clifton is also hugely socially involved with his colleagues.

+31 6 15 83 02 74

Cor Verkaik


Cor is invovled with nearly anything throughout the facility. If there is something that needs to be done and it actually belongs to no one, Cor is the one who picks it up.

+31 6 53 72 41 05

Wolter Overweg

Account Manager Gears

Due to his experience and technical knowledge in gears, Wolter is involved in a project from A to Z. Although he comes across as a calm personality to customers, he likes a solid discussion in the workplace.

+31 6 52 42 19 69

Wilfred Moraal


With an inexhaustible work ethic and wealth of experience, Wilfred is always the one who switches off the lights at night. At the office and after a Friday afternoon drink!

+31 6 53 26 19 16

Ronald Sarris

Foreman Assembly Department

Ronald is een service-engineer van de oude school. Naast zijn werkzaamheden bij GBS heeft hij een YouTube kanaal waar hij kennis deelt over zijn vak. Hij heeft dus echt passie voor zijn vak en kan soms enorm op details letten, echter maakt dit wel dat er altijd een kwalitatief product naar onze klanten gaat.

+31 6 46 13 55 84

Bas Bongers

Project Manager

If you see how Bas keeps an overview in stressful situations, you would say he has more experience. He is very eager to learn, but if you want to start a discussion with him, he always has his talk ready.

+31 6 46 01 81 14