Restore history to its former glory

A factory that radiates activity works wonders. Fresh, light walls. A white floor with bright yellow lines. A hall where all workpieces and every pallet is perfectly straight. In short, a hall where technicians step into the hall and their eyes immediately start to twinkle. We want to achieve this with the renovation of our building in Schiedam.


Over the years, the walls have collected a lot of dirt. The first step in the renovation process was therefore cleaning and painting the walls. In the photo below you can see the difference between the walls of one of the three halls. The left wall was cleaned, and the right wall was completely repainted.




The floors in the building consisted mostly of wooden blocks, which had turned black over the years from the amount of oil and dirt they had collected. The second project in the renovation process was therefore to replace all floors within six months for a beautiful, light concrete floor with new lines and anti-slip coating. It was a project with one important condition; we were not going to let our customers experience any consequences as a result of our renovation works, so production kept on running for 24 hours, seven days a week.

Clean up and straighten

A renovated and fresh building is a motivation for everyone to give it the look it deserves. That is why collective agreements were made among colleagues to collectively clean up the building and keep it tidy. Everyone also agreed that workpieces and pallets should be put away so straight that you can hold the proverbial ruler along them!