Container feeder loses hinge pin of the rudder


The customer is a food producer. The Dutch production site produces enormous quantities of products for the food industry every year, which are sold worldwide. The production machinery runs 24/7 and consists of more than 30 machines.


The crew of this container feeder was busy with transportation through the floodgates when they heard a bang. They did not know what was going on, but they knew something was wrong. They immediately decided to dock the vessel. Once docked, they found out what happened. The bottom of the hinge pin passed through the rudder and flap had broken. The result was: the 4.5 meter hinge pin had sunk through the bottom and through the rudder, onto the bottom of the canal. After the incident, the container feeder continued to drag the hinge pin along the bottom of the canal for a while, and they eventually lost it.


In consultation with GBS Machining Services, it was decided to bore all line bores of the flap. In addition, we checked all the bores of the rudder, and we renewed all 24 bushins. Then the whole rudder was reassembled, and within a week the container feeder of this transport company was back up and running again.