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Delivery time offshore installation under pressure due to defective hydraulic hammer


A large offshore- and dredging company. This organization has many projects in the field of building and dismantling offshore installations every year.


The customer was driving piles in the sea for the construction of an offshore installation. The project was nearing completion. Only a few more piles needed to be driven. However, the hydraulic hammer (260 tons) no longer worked because of several leaks and damage to the internal system. As a result, the delivery time was now under pressure, with all the associated risks.


In order to carry out the work as fast as possible and thereby help the customer to meet his delivery time, we had to step up internally. After a short consultation, it was decided to work in 24-hour shifts. Parallel to the disassembly of the hydraulic hammer, everything was directly machined as it was disassembled, and after machining the parts, they were immediately assembled again. This ran smoothly into each other, making the hydraulic hammer quickly ready for inspection again. After the successful leak test, the hydraulic hammer could be loaded onto the vessel again.


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