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GBS Machining Services produces new rudder stock

GBS Machining Services opened the +/- 8 meter deep rudder pit this week, after we received the customers' trust to make a new rudder stock with dimensions Ø580 x 5400mm for an existing rudder. These are often great projects, which usually lead to unexpected situations in which our technicians are tested for their creative solution capabilities.

Roer recht opzetten voor plaatsing in de put
Roer recht opzetten voor plaatsing in de put

Each side of the rudder stock has a conical fitting. The fitting on the top of the rudder stock ensures the attachment of the steering vane which has an internal conical fit, which eventually re-enters the steering gear.

We adjusted the conical fitting of the rudder stock to the existing cone of the steering vane. The other conical fit on the bottom of the rudder post is means for mounting the rudder. The rudder is also welded and bored to the right size at the o-ring seal.

After setting up the rudder in the well, scaffolds were placed around it and fixed in the well by means of welding. The rudder-well makes it a lot easier to fit the new rudder stock vertically, and eventually enhances speed and precision of our work.

As we were blue fitting it turned out that there is a deviation in the conical fit of the rudder. So it had to be ground on the new rudder stock.

The steering vane had also been worn in considerably at the place of a bearing fit, due to the extensive use. Therefore, a sleeve bus was manufactured and mounted to ensure that it returns to its original dimensions.

Stuurvaan ter plaatse van de passing verbussen
Bushing the control vane at the location of the fit
Blauwpassen van stuurvaan
Blue fitting the control vane


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